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Professional Services

At Rismans, relationships and reputations matter.

That's why we're interested in getting to know you and your business. The Rismans process guarantees that we're constantly learning about your unique information management needs. From start to finish we help our clients evaluate and improve their information management practices. We'll work closely with you to gain an understanding of your current methodologies, business practices and cultural requirements. Then in collaboration with your team and service providers, we'll build a solution that includes business process and technological enhancements.

How We Do It


Assess & Evaluate Current State

Evaluate your current methodology end to end, including reviewing industry specific KPIs, process documentation, and walkthroughs.


Align Systems & Resources

Consolidate your organization’s full suite of systems and resources and align them to work cohesively.


Build a Digital Strategy​

Collaboratively design a digital strategy including processes, operations, and systems, with a roadmap and schedule for implementation.


Measure Success​

Evaluate business process optimization and alignment of systems and resources against the digital strategy.


Optimize Business Processes

Identify and eliminate redundancies, streamline workflows, improve communication and manage change.


Provide Support & Training

Create appropriate documentation, demonstrations, and knowledge transfer sessions as well as provide support activities.